Have you forgotten about your Tax Return?

Dec 9, 2011

Christmas is fast approcahing and last thing on anyone's mind is filing their Tax Returns!

Many people leave their Tax Return until the last minute and consequently end up missing things that could cost them money.

The Revenue has changed the rules on penalising people who file their returns late.  Now they will fine you £100 for a late return, even if you have paid them all the outstanding tax!  The fines get increasingly larger as the time goes by.  Please see our article on filing penalties for more information.

If you don’t know how much money you will owe the Taxman then the sooner you get the Return in the better.  If you cannot afford to pay them it then gives you time to contact them to arrange a payment plan.

Please don’t be one of the many people who will receive a penalty for a late Return, if you need help with speak to us and we can help.  Tax Returns will have to submitted online so if you’re doing it yourself make sure you have the necessary internet login details with the Revenue.  Not having the login details is not an excuse for avoiding a penalty!

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