When is an Accountant not an Accountant?

Dec 21, 2014

Croombs Chartered Accountants in Hampshire

If you set yourself up in business and called yourself a solicitor or a social worker without being qualified or regulated, you could be prosecuted and fined thousands pounds. However there is nothing to stop anyone from calling themselves an accountant, whether or not they have the qualifications or the skills to do the job.

This is why I would always recommend using an accountant who is a member of a recognised Accountancy body. This means they are professionally qualified, regulated, and technically up to date with the latest legislation. If something were to go wrong, you have a professional association to contact to achieve a resolution to your disagreement.

Unregulated accountants are often able to charge less for their services, as they do not incur the costs involved with being a member of a professional body. So when choosing an accountant please beware of fee quotes which seem too good to be true. They often are! You may save some money in accountancy fees, but at the expense of missing out on important tax advice, which could cost you more in the long run.

Accountancy is a fast moving profession, with constant changes in legislation it is important that your accountant can keep up to date and inform you of any changes which may affect your business.

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