Spring Clean your business in 2016!

Jul 14, 2016

By the time you read this article hopefully Spring will have sprung.

It is always useful this time of year to stand back a little and have a think about the ways in which you can spring clean your business and make more of it in the coming year.


Make sure you re-visit the terms of trade you are offering to your customers.  Are they taking too long to pay?  If so you need to have a conversation with them to minimise the potential for bad debts.  The longer customers take to pay the more likely they are to be struggling financially.  Do you really want to be doing business with people who aren’t able to pay you?


Have a look through the quotes or estimates you have issued in the last six months and get back in contact with anyone who hasn’t accepted.  Maybe they didn’t have the money at the time and are now ready to proceed.  If you don’t ask you don’t get!  It’s down to you to remind them of your business.

Your team

Have a chat to your employees.  Do they have the necessary skills to be able to help your business grow?  Can they deal with additional work if it comes in?  You need to have this discussion and plan for any increases in staff numbers for the next year.  If you are on your own then you may need to decide whether you need to take someone on to help you.  If you plan now you won’t let customers down in the future.

You may be reading the above thinking it does not apply to me because you do not employ staff or have a very small business.  You can apply the above tips to any business, whatever the size.

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