Save money and go online

Jul 5, 2012

Save money and go online

By Paul Croombs

With the huge price hike on first class stamps maybe it’s worth considering whether your business actually needs to send invoices out on paper.

The online systems can either;

  1. Help you raise invoices via an online interface and then either email or print if you really need to post to your customer.
  2. Undertake your entire bookkeeping and accounting function.  You can raise invoices on the system and email to clients and then record when you are paid by your customers.

If your company is currently sending out around 100 invoices to customers per month this will be costing you £60 per month before you even consider the cost of envelopes and printing.  On online system such as Xero ( costs a fraction of this and will also help you keep on top of your company’s finances.

In addition to the benefits above this will also help the environment as the Post Office do not have to manually deliver your invoice to your customer.  Your customer can print the invoice if they want to or they can store it electronically. Either way there is a large cost saving for all involved.

If your business would like a demonstration on how using an online system can help you save money and keep track of your finances please give us a call and we can arrange a meeting.

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