Happy holidays!

Jul 14, 2016

We come across many small business owners who face a dilemma at this time of year: how will their business run without them while they are on holiday?

There is always a lot of financial paperwork, and it is vital that business owners have some sort of system in place to record their finances.  This doesn’t have to be an all singing all dancing computer program, it can be a simple spreadsheet or ledger book.  However with technology moving as fast as it is, business owners can use this technology to make their life easier.

We recommend a specialised computer system for our clients to use which has been designed with the real world in mind rather than one designed by Accountants for Accountants!  Xero is an online system that lets you keep up to date with all your finances and will store all of your information in one place rather than on several different ledgers or spreadsheets.

The really cool thing is that even if you are on a beach in Spain sunning yourself you can still access this system and see how the business is doing in your absence.  This may be a bit over the top, but even if you don’t want to access the information whilst you are away you can rest assured that some of the basic bookkeeping functions will happen automatically which will save you time when you get back home.

If you employ staff then they can have access to some parts of the system so that they can still process information in your absence giving you more opportunity to relax.

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