Excuses for not filing your tax return

Jan 22, 2014

Croombs Chartered Accountants in Hampshire

Some people come up with the strangest reasons why they can't file their Tax Returns!  Here are our top 10 excuses.  Can you guess which ones were successful?

1. My goldfish died! (self employed builder)

2. I had a run in with a cow (Midlands Farmer)

3. After seeing a volcanic eruption on the news, I couldn't concentrate on anything else (London woman)

4. My wife won't give me my mail (self employed trader)

5. My husband told me the deadline was 31 March, and I believed him (Leicester hairdresser)

6. I've been far too busy touring the country with my one-man play (Coventry writer)

7. My bad back means I can't go upstairs. That's where my tax return is (a working taxi driver)

8. I've been cruising round the world in my yacht, and only picking up post when I'm on dry land (South East man)

9. Our business doesn't really do anything (Kent financial services firm)

10. I've been too busy submitting my clients' tax returns (London Accountant)

(None of the above reasons were acceptable to HMRC - in fact very few reasons will ever be considered as they give you over nine months to submit in the first place!)

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